Established in 2014, Wuhan University Center of Overseas Investment Law (COIL) is a leading institute that studies the international investment law in China, with staff and students dedicated to understanding and addressing contemporary law and public policy concerning international investment. Website of the Center has been in operation since July 2014.

COIL is among the earliest ones that are granted and subsidized by Wuhan University and highly recognized by the government as an influential academic organization. Since its establishment, it has launched theoretical and practical researches of various kinds and has kept in close contact with the authorities, such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NDRC and the Supreme People's Court. In the meanwhile, COIL is also under close cooperation with both central and local guilds (e.g. CCPIT), big law firms (e.g. Global Law Office, Jingsh Law Firm, Tianlun Law Firm), influential enterprises (e.g. CGGC, CRRC), and overseas research institutes (e.g. Erasmus China Law Center).

Our Missions:
·To maintain the leading position of the Law School of WHU in studying overseas investment law
·To foster the academic research in overseas investment law
·To serve for the "Going out" strategy
·To provide theoretical support for the advancement of China's FI policy and the protection
of investors' interests

Since the advancing of “Going Out” strategy in 2000 and "OBOR" initiative in 2013, China has witnessed a remarkable increase in its overseas investment, which turns China into one of the major exporters of capital in the world. However, the challenges faced by Chinese investors are increasing as well. Due to a lack of experience and the deficiency in research and legislation, Chinese enterprises are confronted with many legal problems in the process of investing overseas. At this critical point, systematic and authoritative research on overseas investment law is badly needed by both investors and the Government. It is against this backdrop that the Law School of Wuhan University established the Center which has been developing rapidly and now takes a leading role in the field of overseas investment law in China.

What We Do:
·Organize and undertake research projects;
·Organize and host domestic and international conferences, lectures, seminars;
·Promote academic exchanges with visiting scholars at home and abroad;
·Compile electronic posters and recommend thought-provoking books and cases;
·Provide legal training and consultancy concerning overseas investment.

Wuhan University Center of International Investment Law
School of Law, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, China.

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